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10 Benefits You Could Be Getting from Your SMM

Kick off the new year with a close look at the return you could—and perhaps should—be getting from your strategic meetings management process.

As the year wraps up, I think it is important to examine strategic meeting management program success. When was the last time you took a close look at your yield? Specifically, what benefits does the SMM return to your organization? I have identified 10 outcomes to consider when examining an SMM program.  

Ideally, your program will yield these first 5 standard results, which we have come to expect for an entry-level SMM:
1. Holistic view of the enterprise-wide meeting and event portfolio
2. Risk mitigation in the form of professionally negotiated contracts
3. Reduced expenditures in the meetings and events category
4.  More efficient planning processes using technology tools 
5. Improved duty of care for participants

More mature programs may generate these 5 additional benefits as well: 
6. Streamlined supplier-management procedures
7. Enriched participant experience as a result of consistent processes
8. Enhanced ability to track meeting outcomes and return on investment
9. Better use of data to make strategic business decisions
10. Consistency in corporate branding and messaging

My call to action for 2019: Be sure to examine the yield for all these outcomes as you are evaluating your SMM. It's likely that you have success metrics for the first five points above, however, if you're involved with a mature program, the benefits outlined in points six to ten could be your roadmap as your SMM program evolves.

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