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Aussie Speakers Bureau Launches in the U.S.

Saxton, now Saxton Global, hopes to bring new voices to U.S. planners.

Every year there are new speakers on the circuit to consider for your conferences—business speakers, motivators, humorous keynoters, government experts, and more. And as of the new year, there’s a new bureau bringing speakers to U.S. podiums.

Australia-based Saxton, which for 50 years has operated in the Asia-Pacific region, is now Saxton Global and has opened an office in Portland, Ore.

The bureau represents a range of speakers, such as futurist Philipp Kristian, author of The Trust Economy; motivational speaker Nadine Champion, a martial arts World Cup gold medalist; and Sam Johnson, founder of Zealand largest volunteer movement. Saxton Global’s initial launch into the U.S. market features 11 speakers.


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