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Our Editors' Favorite Follows

Who do MeetingsNet's editors follow for fun?

See who our editors follow for fun. Also, check out our list of the meetings industry's top social media influencers here.

SUE PELLETIER @spelletier


486k followers | 50.7k tweets

Very smart observations on how tech and life collide


375k followers | 13k tweets

Fun, and a little weird


1.95m followers | 66.1k tweets

Just because


2.49m followers | 41k tweets

Author, actor, and lifelong geek Wil Wheaton


BETSY BAIR  @betsbair

202k followers | 16k tweets
Favorite all-around travel writer

3,214k followers | 16.5k tweets
Anyone who knows Eduardo Chaillo knows how cheerful he is in person. It comes across in his tweets. Even when they're in Spanish.

523k followers | 1261 tweets
When Ted talks, we listen.


ALISON HALL @alisonmhall


996k followers | 3,166 tweets

The king of puns—and so much more


44k followers | 7,928 tweets

NPR + smart + dashing = Enough said.


160 followers | 1 tweet

The daughter of Candid Camera’s Alan Funt and an inspirational speaker, she has tweeted exactly once, writing: "Is life too short to tweet?" and has 160 followers.


SUE HATCH @suehatch8

1.37m followers | 19.2k tweets

Tips of the day, blog posts, daily stats, all from Harvard Business Review


776k followers | 31.2 tweets

Small business wisdom from Inc. magazine

1.4M followers | 123k tweets

Author, publisher, entrepreneur

1.08m followers | 7,344 tweets

Mythbusters producer and co-star Adam Savage


BARBARA SCOFIDIO @barbarascofidio

@Luxe Tiffany

34K followers | 57.3K tweets

This anonymous woman is a luxury hotel inspector and visits a fabulous, new five-star resort practically every day.


6,670 followers | 3,530 tweets

Enjoy sharing this Fast Company writer’s reflections and conclusions.


1.46M followers | 17.1k tweets

Travel the world with the high-profile editor-in-chief of Huffington Post Media

Also follow our top social media influencers of 2014 here.

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