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Will hotels go so far as to renovate their entrances to have only automatic doors? It's looking more likely.

Will Hotels’ High-Touch Philosophy Change for Good?

Even at luxury properties, new procedures to reduce personal interaction might not go away after the pandemic.

From implementing mobile-phone check-in to eliminating in-room minibars to reducing housekeeping service, hotels across the spectrum—even at the high end of the market—are eliminating as many touch points as possible and preparing for the post-pandemic environment that will require minimizing the potential for spreading disease.

This article from NBC News
 details the efforts underway at the Four Seasons New York to make guests safer without sacrificing service too much. "We're a guinea pig," said Rudy Tauscher, general manager of the Four Seasons. "We're at the forefront of the hospitality world's 'new normal.'"

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