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A summary page from Salesforce's Event Health & Safety Playbook.

Salesforce Releases Event-Safety Playbook

The business-software giant is sharing its blueprint for on-site Covid safety after holding a West Coast conference in September and a much larger East Coast conference in December.

On the heels of hosting its 1,000-person Dreamforce San Francisco event followed by its 18,000-person Dreamforce New York conference, business-software firm Salesforce has released the details of its plan that allowed people to gather in person safely at those three-day events.

One week after the New York event ended in mid-December, Salesforce published to its website the six-part framework it utilized to minimize the chance of attendees coming to the conference with Covid or contracting Covid while staying in the host city.

The plan includes site-selection criteria to find the safest city to host a meeting; criteria for creating well-ventilated event spaces; a technology-based process for verifying participant vaccinations; pre-event Covid testing of participants both 96 hours and 72 hours before the show with tests mailed by the event host, along with online tutorials and email reminders to ensure compliance; and contingency protocols for handling attendees who test positive at the event and for conducting contact tracing to inform potentially affected attendees.

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