What's Your Biggest Productivity Challenge?

Meetings and hospitality professionals are always being asked to do more—and to do it faster,  better, and preferably by yesterday. But sometimes you find that suddenly the day is gone and you didn't get everything on your ever-growing to-do list done.

Productivity and attention expert Neen James has developed ways to beat the clock and up your productivity exponentially. Earn one-half clock hour toward your Certified Meeting Professional designation while you learn how to manage your time and focus your attention to get the results you need without working yourself to the bone in a free half-hour webinar on Tuesday, January 31, at 2 p.m. ET!

But first Neen wants to hear from you—what are your biggest productivity challenges? Leave a comment below, email Neen at [email protected], or connect with her on Twitter at @neenjames. Then join us on the 31st to get practical tips on how to beat your gnarliest productivity challenges.

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