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This digital badge will be one benefit of EIC's new CMP Fellows program.

A New Level for Planner Certification: CMP Fellow

The Events Industry Council has a new program for its most experienced CMPs who can demonstrate industry involvement. Plus: Another new program lowers the bar for CMP reinstatement.

The Events Industry Council has announced two programs related to its signature Certified Meeting Professionals designation: One to elevate some CMPs who are most dedicated to the program and one to bring back those who have let their certification lapse.

The first is a new CMP Fellows Program that recognizes long-term CMPs and Emeritus (an honorary status bestowed on those who have been actively certified and then retire) who continue to make strong contributions to the events industry and its professional community.

CMP Fellows will be selected annually, and the first application period for the class of 2022 closes January 31. Not only must applicants have a minimum of 10 years as a CMP or Emeritus, but they must also demonstrate career growth in the industry; contribute to the industry (for example, by speaking or writing); volunteer with industry organizations; and engage with the meeting community in other ways, such as mentoring. Among the benefits being recognized as a Fellow will be exclusive networking groups, exclusive receptions and education at industry events, and a digital badge.

EIC’s other new CMP initiative is the One-time Reinstatement Program, which allows eligible meeting professionals to reinstate expired certification through continuing education, without having to retake the CMP certification exam.

“Ensuring event professionals can benefit from the opportunities afforded by continued high-quality education is critical to the future growth of our industry,” said Amy Calvert, CEO of the EIC. “Our CMP credential has long been regarded as the badge of excellence in the global events industry, and these new initiatives ensure that as many event professionals as possible have ready access to and can benefit from accreditation.”


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