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A sample of the badges available in MPI’s digital credential store

New Credential for Emerging Planners

MPI has announced a designation program for those newest to the meetings industry, plus four other credentialing initiatives.

Meeting Professionals International has rolled out five new programs related to industry certification. Among them is a designation for people who have less than three years of experience in the meetings field.

The just-launched Emerging Meeting Professional designation is aimed at college students as well as adult learners who have joined the meetings industry from another career path.

Earning the EMP will involve three elements. First, there’s an assessment process to give new planners a sense of their strengths in three competencies: self-mastery, teamwork, and problem solving. Second, there is a “competency-based work path” for each of those areas; and third, prospective designees take a final exam.

The cost for college juniors or seniors is $100 and includes a one-year student MPI membership. For applicants not in college but with zero to three years of planning experience, the cost is $250 and comes with a preferred-level MPI membership.

Additionally, EMP designees receive a digital badge, which ties into another just-announced MPI initiative: The association has launched a digital badging and credentialing platform with Badgr.

The platform allows MPI course attendees to display badges that signify certifications or skills on their resumes, LinkedIn, or other social-media platforms. Thirteen badges are currently available in MPI’s digital credential store, including “Sustainable Event Strategist,” “Healthcare Meeting Compliance,” and “Emergency Preparedness.” Each credential costs $6.

MPI has rolled out three other programs related to industry credentialling:

• A new CMP Academy study-skills program is available for those working toward the Certified Meeting Professional designation issued by the Events Industry Council.

• A new credential called HMCC Verified Venues can be earned by hotels to show they understand the unique regulatory issues around hosting meetings for the healthcare industry. The program was beta tested with the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, now the first HMCC-VV.

• The new MPI Certified University Endorsement Program designates college and university programs as MPI certified if their curriculum aligns with meetings-industry best practices and prepares graduates properly for the workforce.


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