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How to Enjoy, Not Just Survive, December

The holiday season has started. Here’s some needed advice for meeting professionals during one of the most jam-packed months of the year.

Now that the Thanksgiving holiday is in the rearview mirror, conference organizers need to brace themselves for December’s year-end work stresses—like finalizing plans for January kick-off meetings, wrapping up the budgeting process, and dodging requests to assist with the company’s holiday events. Mix that with Yuletide expectations on the home front, and what’s supposed to be a festive month can quickly become overwhelming.

In this article from Harvard Business Review, a leadership development expert argues that traditional time-management techniques aren’t the answer. Becoming more efficient actually brings on more tasks and potential distractions, he says. To combat the overload and reduce stress, the better idea is to simplify: Reduce the number of tasks you take on by better prioritization, replace decisions with principles, and put structure in place to reduce distractions. This five-minute read might be the best present you get this season.

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