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5 Meeting Pros on Productivity

5 meeting pros share their strategies for managing distractions, prioritizing, and getting (almost) everything done.

Some meeting executives handle multiple events at the same time. Many plan events that are mission critical and financially consequential to their organizations. Some have demanding travel schedules. Some manage teams. Some volunteer their time inside and outside the industry…. And some—many, in fact—handle all these responsibilities at once. 

For executives to thrive in the demanding, detail-oriented, people-focused, and fast-changing meeting environment—and have a personal life—being productive is essential. But there’s no magic formula for getting everything done every day.

What productivity looks like from one person to the next is personal. A night owl who gets focused on flights and loves the latest tech tools can be equally as effective as the early bird who’s addicted to pen and paper and uses travel time as “me” time.

What’s true across the board for the highly productive meeting and hospitality executives we interviewed is that they all have developed systems that work for them—for prioritizing the day; for eliminating distractions and getting focused; and for organizing email, processes, calendars, and to-do lists.  While nobody claims 100 percent success—productivity is sometimes an hour-by-hour achievement—what’s notable is that they all have strategies, tools, and routines to fall back on when the work piles up and the interruption won’t stop.

Read how these five executives’ stay productive, then tell us your secrets to success. We’ll publish them in an upcoming MeetingsNet article.

Mary Pat Heftman
Executive Vice President
National Restaurant Association
Heftman calls her relationship with productivity a “work in progress,” but her achievements tell a different story. ...More
Mike Dominguez
Senior Vice President and Chief Sales Officer 
MGM Resorts International
Dominguez is on the road about 100 days a year. Staying organized and productive wherever he finds himself is a must. ...More
Sherri K. Lindenberg
Senior Vice President, Marketing Communications
Crump Life Insurance Services
Lindenberg may not fall in that 24-34 age demographic, but “First thing when the alarm goes off, I am grabbing the phone off the ledge like a Millennial, and clearing out whatever I can.” ...More
Carina Bauer
IMEX Group
For Bauer, productivity is a reflection of the passion we bring to our work. But like any efficient machine, tune-ups are a must. ...More
Jackie Janus
Event Services Manager 
There’s a special place in productivity heaven for people who plan meetings for multiple organizations. ...More

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