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The Event Depot's kit for event producers

Tools of the Planning Trade

From double-sided carpet tape to door stoppers to adhesive dots, a new curated shopping site has launched with the necessities of on-site event execution.

What’s on a meeting professionals Christmas list? Whether you’re looking for a laser measure, travel steamer, anti-slip tape, tally counter, power bank, glue gun, or some excellent insoles for a long day on the show floor, a new website called The Event Depot specializes in go-to products needed by those with the ultimate be-ready-for-anything job.

While the site sells products a la carte, it features four kits, with gear curated to specific jobs in the event world: meeting planners, event producers, social planners, and wedding planners.

Event-Depot2.jpgThe meeting planner kit (shown left) is packaged in a tote, in black or tan, that can be worn as a backpack and includes a laptop compartment. Inside are 31 must-have and nice-to-have items, including a dry-erase clip board, heavy-duty packing tape, lint roller, door stopper, sticky notes, stain remover, a 64GB Flash drive, index cards, a black sharpie, first-aid kit, double-sided clothing tape, and lots more.

The other three kits come in rolling hard cases. The one for event producers is pricey at $750, but the case is filled with 38 tools and other necessities for the hands-on work of getting a show off the ground. It includes a utility knife, three-piece plier set, Stanley 12-in-1 multitool, power strip, Krazy Glue, fishing line, LED sticky lights, magnetic level, scissors, glue gun, a graphite hammer, cable ties, and many other useful items. All the kits include three important basics Advil, Altoids, and antibacterial wipes.

The Event Depot was created by Jordan Kaye, owner of Analog Events & Marketing in Los Angeles, who calls the products on the new site “vetted and road tested by industry veterans.”

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