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Crop of personalization for events infographic (balloons) Eventsforce

You Know Personalized Event Marketing Works—But How Can You Prove It?

New research shows that personalization and data-driven marketing is a growing priority for event planners, but proving its return on investment remains a challenge.

This infographic from Eventsforce outlines results of its recent research on personalization and data-driven marketing for events. While it's a growing priority for 73 percent of respondents, more than half say they struggle to prove its effectiveness  in engaging attendees and building brand loyalty.  Of the 150 senior event planners surveyed, 56 percent said they don’t end up using all the data they collect to personalize their marketing, and another 44 percent find it difficult to determine how much personalization they should actually do.

Check out these survey stats:


For more details on the study, see this blog post on the Eventsforce website.

Eventsforce also has published an interesting roundup of thoughts from industry experts about how the new EU General Data Protection Regulation, which goes into effect in May 2018, could affect what you need to do to collect and track the personal information of your European attendees.

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