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What the Super Bowl Logo Can Teach You About Conference Marketing

You’ve tossed out your tube tops and velour tracksuit, but has your conference logo design also evolved with the times? And what does it say about your event?

The logo for Sunday’s Super Bowl LIII has an uncluttered, 3D, stainless steel look, but it hasn’t always been that way. Early on, the words “Super Bowl” were emphasized; later, the game’s Roman numerals were front and center. Some years, the host city gets a nod; in other years, it’s all about loud colors or typography reflecting the energy of the game and the style of the times. (The groovy typeface of Super Bowl V has 1971 written all over it!)

Before you break out the nachos and suds, take a minute to check out this Fast Company article about how the Super Bowl logo has evolved since 1966, and consider the messages you’re sending with the logo of your own big event.

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