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Tools to Up Your Marketing Efforts

Need some help marketing your event? Leverage your event software.

Planning and managing an event involves endless moving parts, from arranging the logistics, to recruiting sponsors and vendors, to marketing and increasing attendee engagement. Here are some ways you can make the marketing piece a little easier. 

Before the Event: Use Email to Promote Your Event App
You usually have to send multiple emails to keep your event top of mind for your database. To avoid being too repetitive about the venue, speakers, and registration deadlines, try adding an email about your event app. Elements to incorporate into this email could include: 

●    List the benefits of using the app before, during, and after the event

●    Screenshots of key pages within the app

●    A video walkthrough of the app

●    App store download buttons as a call to action

●    Testimonials from users who downloaded the app for a previous event

During the Event: Leverage Your Digital Signage
One way that you can use digital media screens—a built-in marketing tool—to your advantage is to encourage users to actively share your brand or event hashtag on social media. In return, they get a chance for their posts to show up on a social media wall viewable on the screens around the venue. This not only brings new eyes to your event, but also gives you content and testimonials to share for future marketing efforts. 

In addition to social traffic, you can use your signage to drive more attendees at your event to download your app so they can check their schedule, have an easy way to get the slides, and access the other app benefits.

After: Encourage Attendees to Share Sessions from the Website
When you post sessions on your website, you can keep in touch with your attendees by encouraging them to go through the roster of online sessions and share their favorites on social media or via email.

Michael Doane, marketing manager at CadmiumCD, is a writer, marketer, and web developer who has fallen in love with the events industry. As the marketing manager, he teaches meeting planners about event tech and enjoys sharing the company's story.

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