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New BCD M&E Partners to Broaden its Approach to Incentives

The company will offer the Core Rewards platform for achievement tracking and merchandise rewards.

BCD Meetings & Events has inked a partnership with Core Rewards, which offers a technology platform to track and reward people in incentive and loyalty programs that feature merchandise rewards. The tool will support a multi-tiered approach to rewarding participants, including rewards other than travel experiences.

The new program, called Aspire by Core Rewards, will be offered through The Collective, a brand-experience agency launched in May under the BCD M&E umbrella.

The Core Rewards platform works to engage program participants by assigning points for sales, completed training, safety achievements, or other goals. The system has gamification elements to create competition among the audience and can reward achievement via an online merchandise catalog. A sharing tool makes it easy for people to post their achievements on social media. The company, based in Duluth, Ga., says that the system has supported 1,780 reward programs.

“Aspire is an opportunity to create a multi-tiered rewards and incentive structure that is audience-specific, scalable, and measurable,” says Christine Erickson, senior vice president, The Collective NORAM & Global Industry Relations. “There are many ways to reward employees. Our mission is to identify what is most effective for each business and audience.”

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