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Tina Gaccetta
Tina Gaccetta is the new head of events for the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence.

Two Minutes with Tina Gaccetta

This week, the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence announced it had filled a new leadership position at the association—head of events—with industry veteran Tina Gaccetta, mostly recently vice president of client services at One10 Marketing (formerly known as Aimia). With expectations high—SITE CEO Didier Scaillet said Gaccetta’s expertise would “raise our events to new heights from a design and execution standpoint”—we wanted to know more about her and her thoughts on the job ahead.

MeetingsNet: What educational topics do you expect to be most in demand for incentive travel executives in the coming year?
Tina Gaccetta: Two key business trends I see impacting the incentive travel industry are talent engagement and retention and the overwhelming desire for meaningful experiences. Like any business in today’s world, the incentive travel industry can’t accomplish successful events unless we design authentic and personalized experiences that demonstrate we have listened and know and appreciate each participant in this two-way relationship. When you align needs, you establish trust and commitments are reciprocal; loyal relationships are the result. Long story short, my hot topics are the art and science of listening in order to inform exceptional experience design.  

MN: Two years from now, what do you expect to be the biggest change we’ll see in SITE’s meetings and events?
Gaccetta: In two years, I would hope that SITE is in a continuous cycle of change to meet the needs of the market and our members by practicing what we preach. We must listen intently to enhance our ability to build stronger relationships and business results with incentive travel excellence. Can I get an AMEN?  

MN: What might someone be surprised to learn about you?
Gaccetta: I have a hard time sitting still, but I love yoga and hope to be certified to teach by June. 

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