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Long-Running Midwestern Incentive-Travel Companies Merge

Motivation Excellence has acquired VIKTOR Incentives & Meetings.

For a few years in the mid-1990s, Mark Bondy, (below, left) owner and president of VIKTOR Incentives & Meetings, worked at Motivation Excellence as an account executive. Today, he’s back with the Schaumburg, Ill.-based company to help with the merger of the two firms.

Motivation Excellence announced the acquisition of the Traverse City, Mich.-based VIKTOR on January 12. The Traverse City office will now operate under the Motivation Excellence flag. It joins other company locations in Wisconsin, Missouri, New Jersey, South Carolina, and Florida. Mark_Headshot2018HiRes.jpg

Motivation Excellence CEO David Jobes, (below, right) who has been with the company for 30 years and its owner for about five years, is excited about the opportunities for new ideas and “melding best practices” that the acquisition can bring. “Since taking ownership in 2018, I’ve looked forward to expanding and bringing our exceptional incentive David Headshot.jpgsolutions to more companies looking to inspire extraordinary performance,” he said. “Having Mark on board during this time is especially appreciated, as I know he’ll offer his incredible experience in a collaborative way.”

That experience includes Bondy’s role as International Foundation Research Chair for the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence in 2013 and being honored multiple times as a top meeting- and incentive-industry leader.

With the merger, the Motivation Excellence staff is “just shy of 50” people, not including independent contractors who work with the sales team.

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