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Bratislava view of castle from Danube

If Bratislava Were a Dog, What Breed Would It Be?

Bratislava wants your professional opinion, so come on, put down your coffee and help a girl out.

Good morning event profs, before you launch into your day, here is a two-minute survey to ease you into the workweek gently. Nina Erneker, head of the Bratislava Convention Center, has posted 10 Questions on Bratislava to try to determine the capital city’s reputation among international meeting planners.
What’s in it for meeting planners? Well, it’s nice to be asked for your opinion, and nicer still to be entered into a drawing to visit Slovakia, which is apparently the country where Bratislava is currently found. Bratislava seems to have moved around a lot; centuries ago it was in Hungary, quite recently it was in Czechoslovakia, and now it is in Slovakia.
Don’t worry, you won’t need to know any geography to do the survey, or the fact that it has the most castles and chateaux per capita of anywhere in the world, or anything about famous people who come from Bratislava. (Hint: there are not many. Andy Warhol’s parents, some supermodels and tennis players, that’s about it.)
You will be asked what breed of dog Bratislava reminds you of though, and I’m pretty sure everyone has an opinion about that.
Happy Monday!




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