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Inside the Event Artistry of Amway’s Founders Council

When Amway brings 150 of its highest-achieving global independent business owners and their guests together for the annual Global Founders Council, everything about the nine-day program is expected to be executed at the highest level. This is in keeping with the high-level strategic discussions, critical networking, and knowledge-sharing that are this meeting’s primary objectives. Hosts DC understands the expectations, having partnered with Amway since 2012. “We were so successful with this meeting because of the collaboration with Amway,” says Erica Gibbons, general manager, Hosts DC, who led the program along with Gina D’Angelo, director of operations, and Kendra Thalman, program coordinator. “They let you into their world. They’re very open when talking about budget, about what works and what doesn’t. And they really trusted us to do our best work.”

The 2015 Amway program earned Hosts DC a spot as a finalist in the Association of Destination Management Executives International Achievement Awards Best Overall Program category.

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