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New Multi-User VR Game Makes Team Events Fun

The Infinite Loop blends the real and virtual world in a game that hones your attendees’ communication and management skills.

A new virtual reality team-building exercise is available for meeting professionals who want to introduce an experiential learning activity to an event. The Infinite Loop is the first VR game that works well for multiple participants and debuts in the United States later this month after a successful introduction into the Asian and Turkey meetings markets.

The experience works a little like a virtual escape room, where each team has to collaborate to free a digital teenager from a virtual world by gleaning clues from VR rooms and combining it with information provided in the real world. Each team member takes a turn wearing VR goggles to engage with a different room and explain what he or she is seeing and experiencing to their teammates. The team combines clues to come up with the code that unlocks the next room.

The experience is available from Play with a Purpose, which will facilitate the game and, if required, the debrief after the game, where each team can analyze what went well and what didn’t. The game is designed to work on communication, process improvement, and management skills in a creative and engaging way.

Sharon Fisher, chief idea sparker for Play with a Purpose, says, “The game creates a new experience for each person going into a virtual room, but you have to rely on your team members. It is very revealing during the debrief when players discuss what they learned during the game, and the experience is non-threatening because it is not in the workplace.” An electronic leaderboard encourages competition and the fast pace and entertaining challenges make it fun.

The cost of the game varies depending on customization but Fisher says it works out at roughly $100 per person for a minimum of 50 players, and more for fewer participants. Customized elements, such as logos on virtual objects, can be introduced for example for companies introducing a new product at a sales meeting, or for associations looking for sponsorship opportunities.

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