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Bryan Parker, DoubleDutch
DoubleDutch chief operating officer Bryan Parker will take over as CEO for Eventgrid + DoubleDutch.

DoubleDutch Acquires Eventgrid to Provide End-to-End Event Solution

Eventgrid + DoubleDutch will take clients from outreach marketing to registration, engagement, and post-event follow-up.

The DoubleDutch Live Engagement platform and event app will now reach event goers from the beginning to the end of the attendee journey after the acquisition of Eventgrid, a registration system already used by clients like Sony and Northwestern Mutual. The acquisition will enable DoubleDutch clients to promote their events, register attendees, and track attendee behavior and feedback before and after the event.

DoubleDutch chief operating officer Bryan Parker will take over as CEO for the newly named Eventgrid + DoubleDutch and current CEO and DoubleDutch founder Lawrence Coburn will become chief strategy officer.  Parker said, “The Eventgrid team is a natural complement to DoubleDutch, sharing a deep commitment to accessible and elegant design. I look forward to delivering a system that combines the ease of consumer-grade software with the scalability, security, and stability of the enterprise to event professionals.”

San Francisco-based DoubleDutch’s platform has had more than two million users at over 5,000 events, and currently offers lead-, engagement-, and performance-management tools to use in conjunction with its event app. Eventgrid offers a suite of marketing, registration, and ticketing tools. Eventgrid’s founder, Niraj Shah, said, “We are excited to team up with a market leader, and expect the modernity and elegance of the combined systems to resonate strongly with the market.”

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