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If The Last Supper took place on Zoom...

7 Tips for Videoconferencing Like a Pro

It’s time to make your Zoom meetings as professional as your face-to-face meetings.

Hopefully by now, we’ve all mastered the basics of remote working and can share documents, conference call, and videoconference without too many embarrassing gaffes. Now you can reliably remember to mute your mic, attend to personal grooming, and warn your housemates that you don’t need a repeat of the BBC Dad incident, it’s time to up your game.

According to ZDNet, Zoom is the most popular videoconferencing software, and to take it to the next level, Computerworld has these seven great tips ranging from using a filter to improve your appearance to setting a professional background (no beach views) that will look good even if you didn’t get around to tidying up today.

But whichever way you choose to work collaboratively from home, please check your desktop for personal items before sharing your screen during the meeting. Fox News host Britt Hume tweeted a screenshot of his desktop with a browser tab open at “Sexy Vixen Vinyl” and your business contacts really don’t need an glimpse into your personal life.

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