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Virtual Meetings: Need-to-Know Basics for Association Planners

If you’re at the starting line for online event planning or just want to make sure you’ve checked all the boxes, a new association-focused white paper from Kenes can help.

If you’re like most meeting pros on the planet, sharpening your know-how around virtual events is now critical to providing value to your organization. On that front, a new resource just dropped from Kenes Group to help association planners with the fundamentals.

The new white paper, Strategy for Associations Going Virtual, is 22 pages long, but presents the information in an easy-to-digest, almost-PowerPoint style, with just a few key points on every page. It raises the questions that planners need to think through in the planning process, including preparation, delivery, and follow up.

The white paper would serve well as a checklist of key issues for orchestrating a virtual event but doesn’t purport to provide all the details. For example, it reminds organizers to educate lectors on how to adapt content from face-to-face to an online format: “Prepare all moderators and have clear instructions ready for speakers on how to be engaging when there is no audience in front of them.” However, the content doesn’t get into specific speaker-engagement tactics.

In the second half of paper, which raises points around budget, content, sponsorships, networking, association branding, and other topics, the authors distinguish between one-day online events and longer conferences, offering advice for each.

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