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Virtual and Hybrid Platform Hubb Acquired by Intrado

The platform expands Intrado’s reach into the competitive digital-meeting market.

Tech-services company Intrado has acquired six-year-old Hubb, a technology platform for managing virtual, hybrid, and on-site meetings.

Hubb’s approximately 80 executives and employees are now part of Intrado’s Digital Media team. Before the acquisition, Intrado offered enterprise video-collaboration solutions—in fact, it partnered with meetings software platform Aventri last year—but the Hubb platform allows for far more comprehensive event automation. Hubb’s technology includes speaker, sponsor, and staff-management capabilities; event marketing tools; and comprehensive data reporting.

“After integrating Intrado Digital Media and Hubb technology, clients will have the ability to deliver fully converged, omni-channel events resulting in engaging experiences for attendees, regardless of their location,” said Ben Chodor, president of Intrado Digital Media. “We are excited to welcome Hubb employees, customers, and partners to Intrado.”

Hubb CEO and founder Allie Magyar is now Intrado’s chief product officer.

In addition to virtual event solutions, Intrado’s service lines include marketing and investor-relations solutions, emergency-response communication technologies, telemedicine tools, and more. The company, known as West Corporation until mid-2019, has reshaped itself from its founding in 1986 when it focused on call-center technologies.



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