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As In-Person Events Stay on Hold, Tech Races On

Want to keep an eye on the next wave of online-meeting innovation? You’ll probably need a headset to do it.

Between following the pandemic numbers to see if in-person events can start up again and bracing for inflation-induced sticker shock whenever they do, meeting planners have enough to worry about that they might not be following the emerging concept of “the metaverse” and its potential effect on business events.

For starters, what exactly is the metaverse? It’s a technology featuring three-dimensional collaborative formats that make it seem like you are in a different physical space than where you actually are. In short, it’s the headset-based virtual reality we all know about but with enhanced abilities to engage with fellow participants.

In this article from, a CEO from a virtual-event platform provider details the upside and downside to hosting business events in the metaverse. One key thought: Even as the technology gets better with each passing month, he says, “I’ll admit it: Not all events are created equal. There is a certain magic inherent in in-person events that is challenging to replicate online.”

However, “the metaverse may prove to be the solution. Once fully realized, it could deliver a highly interactive experience where people can move freely and participate in two-way dialogues without needing to leave their homes.”

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