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A Peer-to-Peer Idea Exchange for the New Normal

Lippman Connect launches a bi-weekly Digital Forum for small groups of meeting organizers to share ideas and challenges in the coronavirus era.

Everyone’s in a rush to become a digital expert now, and the stakes are high. With most conferences considering a virtual or hybrid model for at least the rest of the year, ideas for formats, platforms, pricing, and marketing are swirling but many are unproven right now. A new Digital Summit launching from Lippman Connects is taking an interesting and intimate approach to sorting through all the information and approaches: 15-person facilitated peer-to-peer discussions on Zoom.

The Summit is made up of six 90-minute exchange events. Starting May 29, the Zoom calls will be held every other Friday through August 7, moderated by Sam Lippman, president of Lippman Connects. Each will focus on a different challenge in today’s meeting environment, mostly related to virtual or hybrid meetings but with one week’s conversation focused on safety measures that will be required for face-to-face events. Attendees register for each week separately, with a pricing discount for attending more than two sessions. Here’s the line-up:
May 29: Where has Covid-19 taken our shows? What are the next steps? How do we craft and manage communications, marketing, sales, and operations?
June 12: Safety
June 26: Format and platform decisions
July 10: Pricing and profit models
July 24: Bringing back exhibitors and sponsors
August 7: Re-inventing attendee acquisition

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