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New Name for Growing Event-Tech Company

Following the Aventri and MeetingPlay merger last January, the company now has streamlined corporate branding.

After event-management technology company Aventri and virtual-event platform MeetingPlay announced their merger in January, neither company took the branding lead. The firm went by the name MeetingPlay + Aventri.

Ten months later, that mouthful of a moniker has been simplified. The company has a new name, Stova, that will also rebrand Eventcore, a company providing customized event-registration tools that MeetingPlay + Aventri acquired in June.

Stova, the company says, is a blending of the words “standing ovation” to reflect its event management products and services. Screen Shot 2022-10-10 at 3.26.34 PM.png

“For over a decade, our three unique brands have offered innovative products and technologies to help brands deliver highly impactful events,” said Eric Lochner, CEO of Stova. “We have immense pride in the consolidated entity we have created, and we’ve only just begun. … We’re excited to unveil an updated corporate name and branding that more accurately reflect the company we’ve become, a true one-stop shop for our clients’ event-technology needs.”

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