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The Marketer’s Perspective on Virtual Meetings

Click tours, continuous access, and personalization: The new world of selling to customers through online events.

With the coming years likely to be a robust mix of live, virtual, and hybrid events, one important question is this: Do your virtual meeting attendees want the same thing as your in-person attendees?

For the senior president and chief marketing officer at enterprise software company OpenText, the answer is, “not exactly.” He reflects on his experiences marketing through virtual events in a recent Fast Company article, noting that attendees’ appetite for product demonstrations and training content is more pronounced online. Among other things, his company has responded by launching “click tours,” which introduce attendees to its products, and is providing “continuous access” to conference content.

Another difference he sees: The interaction between attendees and company representatives is different online than at an in-person event. When meeting with prospects virtually, he says, “there’s a greater sense of the individual, in their own spaces, as opposed to impersonal meeting spaces. They want information tailored to their specific needs.”

Read the article in Fast Company.


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