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Hopin Hires Meeting-Industry Veteran

Julius Solaris joins the fast-growing virtual-event platform.

London-based virtual-event platform Hopin has seen explosive growth, going from six employees at the beginning of 2020 to about 800 today. One of its newest hires is well known to the events industry: Julius Solaris, the founder and former editor of EventMB and for the past year head of engagement at Swapcard.

Solaris joined the company this month as vice president of marketing strategy, events, and will help the company navigate its fast-paced growth and the changing meeting industry.

Hopin has had extraordinary success driving investment in the company. It closed a deal in March for $400 million and another in August for $450 million. This summer it acquired event-marketing platform Attendify

“The event industry is going through a crucial transformation,” says Solaris. “Technology is taking center stage, deeply changing the way we plan and attend events.” He sees Hopin as well positioned to help event professionals through this transitional time

On October 12, Solaris and Lauren Sommers, Hopin’s vice president of corporate marketing, will co-host EventMinded, a mental-health summit for event professionals featuring gymnast Simone Biles and organizational psychologist Adam Grant. 

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