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Freeman Releases Virtual-Platform Vetting Tool

Finding the right online-meeting solution is one of today’s biggest headaches. This new RFP template can help.

With in-person meetings and events paused for the time being, virtual events are central to most businesses. But given that “the request-for-proposal process is quite different for providers of virtual events compared to physical events, you can't just take your existing RFP template and add the word ‘virtual,’” according to event logistics and design company Freeman. “You'll miss a lot of critical technical considerations. And with new companies appearing every day, the process becomes more confusing.” 

As a result, Freeman recently came out with a virtual-event RFP template “to help planners cut through the confusion and find the best provider for their needs.” Found online here, the interactive, sharable template contains the questions planners should ask each virtual-platform provider; a vendor-comparison grid to track the responses; and a stakeholder-input grid to score the companies.

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