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Event-Floorplan Design Company Rebrands, Retools

Allseated has a new name as well as an upgraded platform that can host a venue’s digital twin.

Allseated, which has been in the market for a decade offering planners and hotels a way to visualize and share meeting-room setups, is rebranding and upgrading. The San Francisco-based company is now called Prismm.

While Prismm’s basic mission is the same as Allseated—designing how groups can best use event spaces—the 3D capabilities of the cloud-based software are now more dynamic, and the company is offering more tools to bridge the gap between sales and operations.

Venues are able to create a “digital twin” of their physical environments, which can be edited to match customers’ requirements. They can also upload photos of designed spaces, 2D floor plans, and other documentation related to the digital twin. As such, the platform can be used for virtual tours. New data tools allow venues to view engagement data on their tours.

While the company still features floor-planning tools to arrange seating and manage guest lists, it’s focus now more squarely on improving the venue sales process, and the collaboration among planners, customers, and venues during and after the sales process. The platform has a new project dashboard for more transparent group planning.

“We are not just changing our image; we are evolving and aligning ourselves with the dynamic needs of our customers and the rapidly shifting market trends,” says Prismm CEO Yaron Lipshitz. “The decision to rebrand is rooted in a deep understanding of our identity, strengths, and the unique value we bring.”

Allseated/Prismm boasts 500,000 events served and has secured $40 million in funding since its launch in 2014, most recently a $20 million investment in August 2023.


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