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A.I.’s Latest Skill: Creating Promotional Videos from Live-Event Content

Bloggers and marketers have been using artificial intelligence to create brief videos from text, still images, and moving graphics. Now, A.I.-led video editing of speakers’ presentations can help event hosts generate robust social-media content as the meeting is happening.

While a growing number of meeting planners are using ChatGPT to seek out the right topics, experts, and session titles for their next conference agenda, some A.I-focused tech companies are busy developing new capabilities for planning teams to use in other areas of event management.

For instance, Stephanie French, senior manager of webinars for Constant Contact, now has an A.I. editing tool trim the company’s webinars and create video summaries of content highlights, something she formerly needed a few hours to do herself for each webinar. French then uses those brief videos as promotional materials for future webinars across the company’s social-media channels. Various ways to use A.I. to edit and repackage recorded video content can be found here.

As for in-person events, a company called Gloss AI recently released a suite of conference-focused generative-A.I. services that includes the ability for A.I. to edit videos of live presentations quickly enough that event organizers can share social-media teaser videos in near-real time.

At the Marketing AI Conference in Cleveland taking place July 26 to 28 in Cleveland, Gloss AI will work with the marketing team for the event host, AI Marketing Institute, to produce several A.I.-generated highlight reels for each speaker shortly after a presentation. The institute’s marketing team will be given teaser and highlight clips specifically designed for different social-media channels. Further, presenters will receive personalized highlight reels to share across their own social-media outlets. In addition to videos, speakers can receive other A.I.-generated content, such as ebooks and white papers, from their speaking engagement.

"The rapid availability of highlights, post carousels, and other social-ready content reduces the stress on our marketing team on site, while adding content for our promotion of future events," said Cathy McPhillips, chief growth officer at the Marketing AI Institute.

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