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A.I. Being Used to Boost Online-Meeting Effectiveness

Zoom introduces a new feature called IQ, a “conversation intelligence software” to keep attendees and non-attendees up to speed on a meeting’s content and next steps through A.I.-generated summaries.

Online-meeting platform Zoom has partnered with artificial-intelligence firm OpenAI—the maker of ChatGPT—to create Zoom IQ, a feature that tracks the audio, visual, and chat-forum content of virtual meetings and then summarizes topic threads, creates content for post-event emails, and more. The feature is now available in the Zoom IQ for Sales product, where it also captures content from phone interactions with customers, while IQ will be rolled out to all Zoom customers in the next few months.

Known broadly as “conversation intelligence software,” this A.I. element that Zoom calls IQ is “a smart companion that empowers collaboration and unlocks potential by organizing ideas; summarizing chat threads; drafting content for future emails and whiteboard sessions; and creating future meeting agendas,” according to a press release.

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For instance, the meeting-summary feature organizes specific conversation threads and captures next steps, then shares it all via email, team chat, and Zoom Calendar so those who did not attend don’t have to sit through a recording of the meeting. For those who attend the live meeting, Zoom believes the chat-forum summary can keep them from becoming overwhelmed by the real-time flow of information or get them up to date quickly if they need to step away from the meeting for a few minutes.

The email-compose feature helps managers create communications regarding next steps and questions that should be answered based on the meeting’s content.

“Zoom has built A.I. solutions into our products to empower customers to be more productive,” said Smita Hashim, chief product officer at Zoom. “We are excited to bring many more capabilities with new large-language models. Our unique approach to A.I. will give customers flexibility and help improve collaboration.”

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