Elizabeth Line London Getty Images
Queen Elizabeth visits the new Elizabeth Line still under construction in London.

Why London’s ExCel Can’t Wait for the Elizabeth Line

You can forgive David Pegler, CEO at ExCel London, for wanting to rename the new subway line under construction in London. While naming it after the Queen is nice, he likes to call it “the events super highway.” He’s pretty excited.

When the east-west line across the city—known officially as the Elizabeth Line—is complete, attendees will be able to grab a seat at Heathrow International Airport and arrive at ExCel’s Custom House Station 43 minutes later. That will knock half an hour off the current mass transit option, which now involves switching lines.

“The opening of the Elizabeth Line will be truly transformational for our clients and the millions of exhibitors, visitors, and delegates who we welcome each year,” Pegler says. “The line will provide a direct service to Central London, reducing journey times and allowing visitors to access the whole of the city quickly and easily.”

The air conditioned, Wi-Fi–enabled line, set to open starting in December 2018, will deliver attendees from ExCel to the Bond Street Station in London’s West End in 18 minutes. Pegler says that the new $19 billion infrastructure project puts 40,000 additional hotel rooms within 30 minutes of ExCel, home to the International Exhibition and Conference Centre.

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