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Swiss Hotel Pivots to Luxury Quarantine with Medical Benefits

The moneyed and titled can enjoy luxurious isolation and private coronavirus testing—but not Prince Charles.

Now may not seem like the best time for a vacation, but people with access to a private jet and a healthy wallet can head off to Switzerland to self-isolate in luxury that comes with medical benefits. The Washington Post  reports that while many hotels around the world are shutting down, Le Bijou Hotel & Resort Management AG, a high-end Swiss hospitality company, is doing brisk business in its hotel and luxury short-term rental apartments after offering in-room COVID-19 testing for $500 and regular doctor and nurse visits.

The luxurious serviced apartments have previous been used by members of the Saudi Arabian royal family and the Silicon Valley elite, but unfortunately for COVID-19-positive Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, he will have to stay quarantined in drafty old Balmoral Castle as he won’t be welcome there. Alexander Hübner, co-founder and chief executive of Le Bijou, is quoted as saying sufferers should stay home. “They need to stay in quarantine” if they have tested positive, he says.

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