Silver Spirit

A Ship Lengthening? I Didn’t Know You Could Do That

This week, Silversea Cruises’ ultra-luxury, all-suite Silver Spirit grew by 49 feet. Docked in Palermo, Italy, for a renovation and lengthening project, the eight-year-old ship was sliced in half and a pre-built 49-foot segment inserted into its midsection, bringing it to a new total of 691.3 feet long

The engineering feat lengthened the pool deck, for 20 percent more seating; added the Zagara Spa; expanded the fitness center to include a free-weights room; and introduced four new dining outlets, for a total of eight. As part of the shipwide upgrade, Silversea donated 4,652 items from Silver Spirit—sofas, chairs, computers, and more—to institutions such as hospitals and schools on the Island of Crete.

All that, and the ship barely misses a beat; it sails May 6 from Rome.

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