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The view down Sixth Avenue not far from @Ease1345, a new day-meeting facility.

New High-Tech Day-Meeting Venue Debuts in NYC

Within walking distance of several large hotels and upscale restaurants, @Ease1345 is the first of three hybrid-friendly venues to be created by Ease Hospitality.

A new day-meeting facility in midtown Manhattan, dubbed @Ease1345, opened in late February to host mid-sized organizational meetings and customer events.

EaseNYC1.pngSet entirely on one floor of a high-rise building, the venue combines 5,550 square feet of meeting space across eight rooms with a sophisticated technology platform that can have remote attendees accompany 200 on-site attendees in the largest room. Further, @Ease1345 offers augmented-reality technology to enhance training events and product launches. There is also an on-site director of technology.

The venue’s nature-based design elements and furnishings are intended to promote wellness and increase productivity. Such features include the largest indoor terrarium in the Northeast plus live-garden walls that separate the work and lounge areas. The lounge area includes a massage room as well as a coffee bar and marketplace that can be stocked according to client needs. 

EaseNYC2.png“Our design and workspaces enable an uninterrupted flow between the physical and digital environments,” says Mark DePiero, CEO of Ease Hospitality. “We understand the way people are living and working now and have evolved with that, and we will expand our services as clients’ needs change.” 

Located at Sixth Avenue and 54th Street in Manhattan, the venue is across the street from the New York Hilton Midtown and the Warwick Hotel, and two blocks from the Sheraton New York Times Square and Rockefeller Plaza. No fewer than seven upscale grills and steakhouses are within five blocks of the venue as well.

Two other @Ease facilities are planned for New York, though no timetable for opening has been set.

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