New DMC Network Launches at IMEX

Destination management companies are a lifeline to local resources and knowledge, but to find their clients globally, it’s become common practice for them to partner under an umbrella organization (think Hosts Global, Allied PRA, DMC Network, Global DMC Partners). These organizations provide DMCs with marketing support and may establish brand standards for customer service, management processes, financial stability, and other quality measures.  This week a new DMC consortium launched at IMEX in Frankfurt, Preferred DMCs.

With just eight DMC members, Preferred DMCs is a boutique network, covering 13 incentive destinations in Europe. Members include:
• Amandaeventz (Italy)
• Ambiance Incentives (Spain and Andorra)
• Hadler DMC (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland)
• Inspire ME (Monaco and the French Riviera)
• Jan-Pol DMC (Poland)
• Metropolis DMC (France)
• Metropolitan DMC & Event Management (Greece)
• Vega DMC (Portugal)

The CEO of Ambiance Incentives, Marc Schwabach, DMCP, CIS, is director of Preferred DMCs. Both organizations are based in Barcelona, Spain.

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