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New Bermuda Airport Terminal Set for Summer Debut

The arrival and departure experiences will be streamlined, particularly for U.S. travelers.

The new Bermuda L.F. Wade International Airport terminal is nearly 90 percent complete as of early January and is on schedule to open in July 2020. The ground-up build is set farther inland than the terminal it is replacing to make it more hurricane-resistant but will still offer views of the ocean because of its higher elevation.

The terminal features redesigned check-in areas that allow U.S. citizens to drop their checked bags before going through U.S. Customs, as well as streamlined security-screening and immigration areas for more efficient check-ins and arrivals. All gates will have covered passenger boarding bridges, while the arrival areas and baggage-claim systems have been designed to reduce wait times and make it easier to exit the terminal and find transportation.

The terminal also includes more restaurants, concessions, and duty-free shops than its predecessor, and was designed with sustainability in mind to minimize environmental impact. Further, l
ocal artwork will be installed throughout, including dozens of colorful kites that will hang just below the terminal’s 30-foot-high ceilings.

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