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A Long-Term Sustainability Strategy Pays Off

IMEX Group’s Dale Hudson has been making simple, incremental changes to reach the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Dale Hudson, CED

Knowledge and Events Director
IMEX Group

For driving collaboration around sustainability issues for IMEX Group


Making Change 

Sustainability has always been important to IMEX. We started our journey with baby steps, so each year I would set three objectives that we wanted to achieve that year and then we would do it. The result was that five to ten years later, the impact could truly be seen. IMEX always tries to ensure we do our best and if we have good case studies or examples, we are always delighted to share those with the industry. I include high-level content within our education programs and we work with two tremendous organizations, Meet Green and the Events Industry Council,  which make the sustainabilty journey that much more exciting!

What’s Next

We have made a real drive to reduce single-use plastic at the IMEX shows. However, I am really loving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which give the industry some real focus in certain areas. Carbon is always the top of our minds, so anything we can do to reduce it or to implement a really good offset (long term, thoughtful) solution is important to us. 

Managing Change

Keep things simple. If you overcomplicate, you will lose all enthusiasm and drive along the way.

Best Business Advice

Always pick up your phone and talk to customers [to include them in your projects and ideas].

Thinking Differently 

I do appear to see the world in a more colorful, joyful way. I have a very high appreciation for people and our planet. We are all just so incredibly lucky; even when we have bad days, there is always some light.

Spare Hour

I love to read and have long, deep conversations, not with big groups of people, but more one to one. I like being able to give undivided attention to something or someone I believe in. 



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