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How to Provide Better Business Education During the Lockdown

Faustine Chan is putting BBB training online to help clients prepare for the future.

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Faustine Chan

Business Innovation Manager
Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest

For a lightning-fast pivot to online education to continue to support the business community during the pandemic


Making Change 

With governors ordering people to shelter in place due to coronavirus, our organization knew it had to act fast to help the businesses that we serve. In-person networking and events were immediately canceled, and I had to quickly shift our business-education seminars and networking events to an online platform. I was able to implement the change within a week and offer daily themed webinars free of charge to not only our BBB accredited companies but also to the entire business community. Most businesses are closed, but this has allowed them to connect and share needed tools and ideas. During this time, businesses don’t have money to pay for events, but they are still seeking advice from industry leaders.

What’s Next?

I hadn’t had much experience holding virtual events before all of this happened, but I want to make them more powerful to audiences who cannot attend in person to give the same experience virtually as in person. 

Managing Change

Be positive about the change and look at it as something beneficial. 

Best Business Advice

The best business advice I’ve ever gotten was to always be curious about everything in life so you can stay hungry to learn. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you don’t understand, and ask questions because you want to learn more.

Thinking Differently

I didn’t always think differently, but as I progressed in my career, I’ve found that I needed to in order to make changes and impact growth.

Spare Hour

I like to spend spare time with my kids and my garden. Gardening is one of my favorite things, and watching my kids’ excitement grow as my garden flourishes is one of my biggest joys. 

Role Model

My role model in the business world is Kat Cole who believes leaders should be courageous and confident. She taught me that you have to wear different hats in order to understand how things work together and identify solutions for problems.

When Do You Ask for Advice?

I ask my peers why they do what they do and if they could do things differently, what would they do?



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