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Event Measurement: LinkedIn Live Event Series Launched

The first discussion organized by the Experiential Marketing Measurement Coalition will focus on measuring diversity, equity, and inclusion at marketing events, and will include the release of new DEI event-measurement tools.

For experiential marketing professionals, event design and execution are critical, but measurement of an event’s results is the critical third leg that helps organizers plan for and improve future marketing activities.

The Experiential Marketing Measurement Coalition is a partnership of event-marketing agencies and professionals launched in March 2021 that’s focused on that third factor. The group’s goals are to “standardize core experiential marketing metrics and measurement methodologies” as well as to share benchmarking data and promote effective measurement of experiential marketing programs. 

The coalition recently announced a series of quarterly LinkedIn Live events that will feature educational panel discussions and the release of new EMMC event-measurement tools. The first event will discuss how to measure diversity, equity, and inclusion in the event marketing space.

Today, most events have a DEI strategy, but understanding how well it’s working in terms of representation, satisfaction, and other metrics will be on the agenda for the February 21 LinkedIn Live event, which is free to both members and nonmembers.

“Our mission is to drive consistent, credible measurement for all events and experiences,” said Dax Callner, president of EMMC. “This [LinkedIn Live] initiative will help us define and promote measurement methodologies and metrics for brand experiences.”

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