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employee satisfaction

A Critical Objective for Meetings: Employee Fulfillment

One-third of employees say senior leaders are a barrier to finding fulfillment in their work. Company events must break that perception.

The old adage is that people take a job for the salary, and leave a job for the environment. That certainly seems true at this moment. According to research by business consultancy PWC, one out of three employees would consider taking lower pay for a more fulfilling job. But with the unemployment rate below four percent, employees don't have to accept lower pay for a new environment.
In this article from, PWC's Chief Purpose Officer Shannon Schuyler talks about how managerial teams must put the work their organization does into the right context to make it meaningful for employees. What's more, managers and executives must build an environment where employees feel listened to, and believe that their fulfillment is important to the company.
The avenue that's perfect for demonstrating those sentiments is the annual sales meeting, as well as individual departmental retreats. In fact, these events give planners an opportunity to play a central role in corporate strategy, and boost their value in the eyes of company leadership.

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