Tip du Jour: Where to Find Free Online Space Calculators

Tip du Jour: Where to Find Free Online Space Calculators

One of the many reasons I love the good folks at the Meetings Community (aka MeCo) listserv is the way they freely share information and resources. Here are a couple of online space calculators they shared recently that can help you figure out what room set and space requirements will best fit the number of attendees and type of activity you're looking to hold:

Space Calculator for Banquet and Meeting Rooms, from Banquet Tables


Meeting Space Calculator, from Visit Orlando

More free online calculators:

To do a different sort of calculation—the economic value and return on investment in local taxes of your event to the local community—check out the Destination Marketing Association International's Event Impact Calculator.

For outdoor events, this portable toilet calculator can help you figure out what you'll need in that department.

Curious to know how big a markup you pay for sandwiches at events? There's a calculator for that, too.

Of course, let's not forget one of my all-time favorites, the Whole Earth Calculator, something Meeting U developed with EventMobi for “hunger think tank” Rock and Wrap it Up to help planners convert the total pounds of paper products and plastics that are diverted from landfills into the amount of carbon dioxide that is not produced as a result, and to convert total pounds of donated food into meal equivalents and total CO2-averted equivalents.

What are some of your favorite free online meeting planning resources?

Update: A colleague reminded me that no resource list is complete without the all-in-one Pocket Planner, developed by the Convention Industry Council and Social. It's an app, not an online calculator, but it's free and one of the handiest things around for calculating food, beverage, staffing, and safety needs.

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