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Where In the World Is the Best Hotel Wi-Fi?

Where In the World Is the Best Hotel Wi-Fi?

Everyone wants ubiquitous, free Wi-Fi in their meeting headquarters hotel, but sometimes it can be harder to find than Waldo. That's why I found this worldwide hotel Wi-Fi infographic from Tourism Review so fascinating—it details which countries' hotels offer the most free Wi-Fi, and the highest quality (not always in the same region, not surprisingly).



For example, did you know that South Korea is a hotbed of high-quality wireless signals? Or that Norwegian and Swedish hotels are the most generous with free Wi-Fi? Or that, sadly for those of us who meet mainly in the U.S., that 79 percent of the world's hotels offer higher quality than those in the U.S.? It also offers a breakdown by city of international and U.S. hotel Wi-Fi quality and free service.

Update: I just ran across this article—did you know business travels just in the U.S. spend a whopping $7.3 billion annually on hotel Wi-Fi and roaming charges? Here's the European and U.S. breakdown:

US – $7.3 billion annually (average spend $15.10 per trip)

UK – £371 million annually (average spend £16.30 per trip)

France – €232 million annually (average spend €22.10 per trip)

Germany – €3.6 billion annually (average spend €21.10 per trip)

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