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How to Overcome Your Fear of Flying

How to Overcome Your Fear of Flying

My flight from Houston to Boston on my way back from the beautiful country of Costa Rica (post on that trip is imminent!) was very bumpy due to some dangerous weather in the U.S. heartland, and my seatmate was white-knuckling it pretty badly when the plane bucked and shimmied. So I shared with her some of the things that help me feel a bit more safe and secure while in the air, and it did seem to help (or maybe just the conversation served as a decent distraction).

Then I ran across this Fear of Flying: Definitive Help Guide, created by the Fear of Flying School's Tim Benjamin. As he says in his disclaimer, he's not a psychologist, but if you or someone you know starts shaking as they step onto a plane, there's a lot in there that I think will help. You can view it on the Web or download the PDF to take with you.


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