Fear of flying

Just in case anyone else in blogland shares my fear of flying, the only things that really help me are:

An amazingly good book that I can lose myself in

Earplugs so I don't obsess over every change in engine noise

Deep, deep breathing and some inconspicious yoga postures

Becoming very religious on takeoffs and landings

Comfort food (portable)

I overheard a woman say something to her little kid once that also has

helped me on bumpy flights. She told him to think about unexpected

turbulence like they were in a car turning off a highway and going onto a dirt road for a little while before getting back on smooth pavement. With some of the potholes we have around town, this helps me with even the bumpiest airplane rides.

Also, get to know a pilot--just don't listen to any war stories. My old roommate was a pilot, and knowing him and his friends helped a lot. These guys/gals care deeply about their jobs, and they obsess about our safety even more than we do, believe it or not.

For a more formal way to get rid of this fear, check out www.fearofflyinghelp.com, a free online course by an airline pilot that really, really helps.

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