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SongDivision presents Global Meetings Industry Day Anthem
<p>SongDivision presents Global Meetings Industry Day Anthem.</p>

#GMID16 Anthem: Because Life's Always Brighter When We're Meeting Face to Face

While I can't say it brought tears to my eyes, as it did the first meeting professional who watched this video celebrating all things meetings, I love that we now have a soundtrack to go with the Global Meetings Industry Day celebrations being held around the world on April 14. And I love the way it came about. SongDivision invited meeting industry professionals into London's Metropolis Recording Studios last month via the live-streaming app Periscope. Together they submitted lyrics and weighed in on the style of song to go with them—and even helped choose which chords to use—all in just 30 minutes. I so wanted to participate, but work got in the way!

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Here's the result:

Pretty toe-tapping little number, don't you think? According to a blog post, SongDivision wanted to capture the way people in this industry "feel about their work and its incredible impact on people, businesses and communities. We wanted the song to communicate the key messages of GMID, whilst reflecting the love we all have for what we do. And we wanted to share that emotion with the world."

So they're inviting everyone to download the mp3 file and use the tune as a soundtrack to their #GMID16 events, embed the video in GMID promotions, send it to politicians and business leaders to kick off discussions about the business impact of meetings and events on their districts, and—my two favorite suggestions—choreograph a chapter dance to the song, and challenge another chapter to a "lip synch challenge." (If you do, please oh please send me a link to the videos!)

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