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Heart and headphones
<p>Heart and headphones</p>

Singing the Praises, Meetings-Style, for GMID

Oh say can you see ... the strength of the meetings industry? OK, hopefully others will come up with way better lyrics on February 25 when the teambuilding and corporate entertainment outfit SongDivision is gathering #EventProfs for a 15-minute songwriting session via the livestreaming app Periscope. The goal? To create a meetings industry anthem event and hospitality professionals can use to help celebrate Global Meetings Industry Day.


Yes, we have big issues to address, and some may think writing a song is, well, a little silly, given the uphill battle planners fight daily to provide meaningful meetings—and get a little recognition for the importance of the industry to the world economy and to the people who learn and make connections that make a difference. But I have experienced just how powerful a co-created song can be. And fun. At the Religious Conference Management Association's first regional event a couple of years ago in Nashville, I had the opportunity to brainstorm a song about event planning with about 100 other people, led by musicians from Kidbilly Music. It was a blast, and a unifying experience.

So thanks to SongDivision for inviting us all to help them do what they do best—create music that will hopefully inspire and provide a soundtrack for GMID, to be held globally on April 14. Tune in on Periscope on February 25 at noon ET for the session, which will be led by SongDivision’s UK team and "Periscoped" from Metropolis Studios in London. Hey, if Adele, Amy Winehouse, The Rolling Stones, and Queen have all recorded hit songs there, who knows, maybe we'll score a top-40 masterpiece.

If you're feeling inspired now, you can submit lyrics and photos for the video on the Facebook Event page; more info in general can be found here.

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