Which country fits your manners

Which country fits your manners?

Ever Wonder What Country You Really Belong In?

My older sister and I both grew up in the same house in suburban Connecticut, but somehow neither of us really felt at home there. Not that we knew it at the time, but when my sister moved to Rome, Italy, after college, she knew right away that this was the place she really belonged. Although there were the inevitable cultural dissonances, she acclimated so quickly that it was obvious to the rest of the family that she really was an Italian city girl at heart. I never quite understood that completely until the moment I stepped off the plane in New Zealand a few years ago—everything about the place screamed "home" to me, from the people to the culture to the geography to, well, everything. It just fit me in a way nowhere else has before or since. While moving there is logistically impossible at this point in my life, if I ever mysteriously disappear, that may be one good place to look!

So you can see why I loved it when I ran across this flowchart infographic on Expedia called "Which Country Fits Your Manners?" While it's not likely to help you find your soul-state, it is a fun way to think about where you may just find that, "ahh, I'm home" feeling, even if you've never been there before. And to give it a meetings spin, think about how your typical attendee might fit in, or not, in these different cultures.



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